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A leading Car Accessories Showroom in Coimbatore

BC Car Decors is a leading Car Accessories Showroom in Coimbatore and we have reached a milestone in providing utmost customer satisfaction to all your customers by providing quality service and best products to suit your budget and needs. We deal with both Indian and Imported products of car accessories.

We are engaged in design of unconventional interiors and details, and subsequently their implementation in order to create a cohesive and mature design combined with the highest precision of performance.

At BC Car Decors we are focused on any requirement of Car Detailing Services like Car Seat Covers,Audio Systems, Android Systems,Video Players, Speakers, Amplifiers, Sub Woofers, Floor Mats, Lighting Systems, Sun Flims and a wide range of Car Accessories.

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Our Mission

“Our mission is to create cutting edge projects and products at the unmatched level, maintaining high quality standards and constantly leading the market by new lifestyle innovations with pursuit of originality and deep understanding of customer needs to develop and sustain customer satisfaction.”

Our Vision

“To be the most innovative leader in automotive business intelligence solutions, generating excitement through implementing pioneering ideas, problem solving & going beyond our customers’ expectations.”


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One stop shop for you car accessories
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Genuine products with warranty
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Team of specialized technical staff
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Quick fitting service
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Competitive affordable prices as your budget
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Upmost customer satisfaction
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Wide range Of Products
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